A warning to school districts looking for a Medicaid service bureau

It has come to our attention, more than once, that some service bureaus will promise to submit Medicaid claims for a period of time at no cost to the District. The company will then charge a significantly higher rate for the balance of the contract length.

On more than one instance it has been related that during the initial no-charge period the Medicaid claims submitted were exceptionally low or non-existent. When the rate increased the Medicaid claims submitted also increased. The result was that the District did not save any money and actually, over the life of the contract, spent significantly more for the services they could have received for much less.

Please take into consideration many factors when evaluating a Medicaid claiming service bureau. R&G Consultants stands by our low rates and exceptional service to all of our School district clients.

There are many factors to consider when evaluating a Medicaid service bureau.